Children eating from a bowl

Welcome to Angellite

Angellite is an international development organization that works to make serious and sustainable impact on poverty, its causes and providing communal sustainable solutions.

We are therefore committed to long-term change, which means we interact with people. Consequently, we aim to work with the socially marginalised and disadvantaged people (especially children, girls and women in the UK and Sub–Saharan African Countries.

Our synergy lies in our abilities to initiate strategic programmes of action on education, public health (with emphasises on maternal health, infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other Communicable diseases) across the Sub-Saharan Regions of Africa; particularly in local and marginalised communities in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Niger, Chad, Uganda, and the DR Congo.

We also engage in policy research and advocacy. Our efforts on advocacy is to canvas supports for the marginalised by influencing policies and opinions so as to address the root causes of poverty.

We work closely with local groups, all stake holders and members of rural communities to ensure that everything we do helps promote long-term stability and prosperity. In addition, we strive to incorporate opinions, suggestions and inputs from the local communities in our programme design and executions.